Kitchen Equipment Install

We Take Care of Everything

As a true one-stop resource, Central Florida Store Services makes purchasing kitchen equipment easy, convenient, and economical. Our experience installing these products coupled with our earned representation from select vendors is passed on to our customers. Central Florida Store Services will eliminate the time and expense involved in dealing with each vendor individually. We handle shipping, track orders and make sure that your equipment arrives on-site, on time, and installed correctly!

We Have Wide Selection of Equipment

A baker using a commercial oven


Row of multiple cooking ranges


A cafeteria hot bar

Hot Bars

Deep fryer equipment

Deep Fryers

Commercial cooking hood


Commercial steamer equipment


Commercial Rotisserie machine


Large counter top gril


Commercial scale ice machine

Ice Machines

Pitcher of filtered water

Water Filtration

Offsite Temperature Monitoring

In order to make sure that your refrigeration unit is working in the most efficient way possible, we can install equipment that digitally monitors your system from our home office. Our technology monitors the temperature of your system along with other parameters that lead to peak performance. When your system begins to falter in any way, an alert is sent to us so that we can quickly fix the issue and keep your inventory fresh. We provide a login in to all of our customers as well if you want real time data on how your refrigeration system is performing.

Only the Best Brands

If You Need It, We Can Get It

Central Florida Store Services is the company you can always turn to when it comes to assuring that your kitchen is clean, optimal and complete. If there is something off the beaten path that you need, we will figure out a way to get it done. Every store is different and will need different types of equipment. Don’t worry. We know how to procure it for you.