Central Florida Store Services Case Studies

Our Work: General Contractor Case Study (Safeway), Complete Refrigeration Remodel (BJ’s Wholesale Club), Glass Entrance Repair (Albertsons), Facility Maintenance (Hilton Grand Vacation), HVAC Repair (HTPG), Kitchen Equipment (Johnson University), Store Maintenance (Winn Dixie), Medical Cooler (Xymogen Medical)

Central Florida Store Services (CFLSS) was immediately given the title of Project Coordinator overseeing the entire project. With such a long punch list, Brian Horine, owner of Central Florida Store Services, needed get a handle on the chaos and come up with a plan of action that would take place over the next four days. The CFLSS team needed all parties to work together as a team in order to succeed. Without complications, CFLSS was able to work with the existing contractor and quickly bring in their own subcontractors to round out the work team. CFLSS also had to work with a meticulous Starbucks Décor Team that had strict guidelines on how to set up and showcase the Starbucks brand and storefront. Overall, CFLSS used organization, expertise and quality collaboration in order to achieve a positive outcome for Safeway.

One of the main compressors for the refrigeration bearing started to seize up. The compressor overheated and smoked which set off the fire alarm to the building. The fire department responded and reported the compressor was well over 450 degrees.

The fire department was going to shut down the whole refrigeration system which could have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in perishable food. The president of Central Florida Store Services was able to explain to the fire department how to isolate the electrical for that compressor and make it safe so the whole rack would not be shut down while a service tech was in route. The old compressor was removed and a new Bitzer compressor was installed and programmed with Danfoss the next day.

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