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Chef working in a commercial kitchen

The truth is: not all commercial kitchen appliances are built to last. Fridges get leaks, freezers break, water leakage happens, and ventilation systems fail. The worst part is, when you’re working around the clock to provide your customers with delicious food and a top-of-the-line experience, you may ignore the warning signs.

If you aren’t prioritizing commercial kitchen equipment repair, it could negatively impact the customer experience and lead to a decline that could impact your bottom line.

Here are a few of the warning signs to look out for:

Ongoing Food Waste

Food waste is a telltale sign that your restaurant equipment isn’t meeting the needs of your customers or staff. If you notice that the food in your fridge is going bad before the serve-by date, it may mean your freezer or your fridge is failing.

To ensure the safety of your staff and customers, you’ll want to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible and avoid spoiled food.

Production Inefficiencies

Every kitchen needs to be as efficient as possible. If you’re experiencing ongoing issues with frost temperatures and food, it could mean you have a faulty fridge or other equipment that needs to be replaced. If you don’t address this problem, it could be a costly mistake later down the line.

Food and frost temperatures aren’t the only issues you’ll want to keep an eye on. If you don’t have a proper ventilation system, your equipment can overheat or break down at the worst times.

If you aren’t checking on your deep fat fryer monthly for regular maintenance, it could lead to a kitchen fire.

You’ll want to repair or perform regular maintenance on your restaurant equipment as soon as possible to maintain productivity and keep your food fresh.

An Ongoing Slowdown

If you start to notice a slowdown in customers, it may mean you aren’t serving the same high-quality food you once were. All commercial kitchens and restaurants are expected to provide the highest quality food. This helps build credibility with your community and keeps customers coming back for more.

If your food isn’t fresh or comes from a faulty fridge, it could negatively impact the customer experience.

You may think it would be more expensive to replace your equipment. However, a continuous decline in business can be more costly than replacing or repairing the equipment. In the end, it would be more cost-effective and beneficial to your business to schedule a commercial kitchen appliance repair.

Your Utility Bills are Rising

The older your commercial kitchen appliances are, the more power they consume. This can lead to hefty utility bills and an increase in costs. On average, kitchen equipment can consume nearly twice as much energy as your entire commercial space.

If the appliances are old or need repairs, your utility bills can be even higher.

In today’s world, there are many more energy-efficient options your restaurant can use. You may want to wait for commercial kitchen appliance repair or replacement until the last minute. However, the longer you wait, the higher your utility bills will continue to climb.

Can’t Find Replacement Parts

If it’s becoming harder to find replacement parts for your restaurant refrigerator or other commercial equipment: It’s time to throw in the towel.

It’s a sign that manufacturers are no longer making parts for the older models in your commercial kitchens and restaurants.

If you are looking for commercial kitchen equipment repair, it could cost you an arm and a leg to source these parts.

You Hear Unfamiliar Noises

If you have worn-out equipment, you’ll be able to hear it. A faulty refrigerator or other equipment will make off-putting noises that aren’t normal.

Listen for clicking or humming sounds. These sounds could indicate there’s something wrong with your compressor, a fan blade, or that a few screws are loose.

You Notice Frost Buildup or Water Leakage

If you notice frost buildup or any type of water leakage inside your refrigerator or freezer: It’s never a good sign. Frost buildup is the main culprit for spoiled food, and if you don’t fix the water leakage, it could cause more damage in the future.

Instead, consider investing in newer models. This will keep your repair costs low, lower utility bills, and upgrade your entire kitchen and commercial building.

Stay Ahead of Facility Maintenance with Central Florida Store Services

We know that it’s not always easy to catch these warning signs, especially if you feel like your kitchen is always busy. However, if you don’t address these warning signs, it could lead to much bigger problems later.

At Central Florida Store Services, we can help with everything from refrigerator monitoring solutions to facility maintenance. If your business wants to stay ahead of the curve, contact Central Florida Store Services for all your maintenance, monitoring, and repair needs.