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Whether you are a supermarket, restaurant or another business that requires product preservation, your refrigeration system is vital to your operation-especially in Florida. Keeping your commercial refrigerators and freezers working at optimum efficiency will keep product in quality condition for much longer. However, costly repairs and issues can sneak up fast. Pay attention to the following warning signs that you may need commercial refrigeration repairs.

Central Florida Store Services provides offsite temperature monitoring to its clients. We track the “vitals” of your refrigeration unit, making it easier to diagnose problems before they affect your inventory.

Your Product is Spoiling Too Soon

The scariest and most obvious sign that your commercial refrigerator needs repair is that your product is spoiling in front of your eyes, or worse, you are hearing customer complaints that food is spoiling much earlier that the “Sell By” date. Not only are you losing money due to loss of product, but you could be making your customers sick, damaging your brand and opening yourself up to lawsuits.If you are noticing complaints or spoiled food, check your refrigeration equipment. If the problem persists after making an adjustment, you will likely need a repair to your unit(s).

Your Energy Bills Continue to Rise

Commercial refrigeration systems cost a lot of money to maintain. If you notice your energy bill going up, you may want to do a check up on your system to look for any issues that may be causing your unit(s) to work harder than they should. An inefficient system can cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention the potential high cost repairs that might follow.

Excessive Moisture/Leaks

Your commercial walk-in cooler/freezer is built to keep your food cool and dry. If you see an abundance of condensation on the inside or outside of your unit, there could be something wrong with your gaskets, drain tube or humidity controls. Also, keep a look out for puddles under your fridge and ice on the exterior of your freezer. Both are signs that something may be wrong with your unit.

Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit is Too Hot

We have already discussed how warmer temperatures can cause your food to spoil inside your unit. However, you should also be aware of the temperature on the outside of your unit. If the sides of your refrigerator feel warmer than usual, it could mean that your condenser coils are dirty and need to be cleaned. This should be done regularly to avoid any major repairs.

Your Commercial Refrigerator is Old

Your system may not be on the fritz right now, but if your cooler/freezer is over 15 years old, it may begin to wear down soon. There are many more energy efficient models that are on the market that could eventually save you money in energy costs. Repairs are also more expensive due to the scarcity of older model parts. Consider an updated model if your commercial cooler/freezer is over 15 years old.

If You Need Repairs, Turn to the Experts

From design and installation to maintenance and support, Central Florida Store Services takes care of all your refrigeration needs. We have been serving Florida for nearly 20 years and have over 16,000 service calls to this day.

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