HVAC Install and Service

A Leader in Commercial HVAC Solutions

Central Florida Store Services provides custom HVAC services to Florida businesses. Our holistic service offering allows us to take care of our clients’ needs from start to finish. Our technicians are trained to identify our clients’ needs and achieve their goals. From planning to installation to maintenance and support, we strive to continuously meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Full Service HVAC Process

Commercial ventilation system on a rooftop

Plan and Design

We provide custom floor plans including electrical, plumbing and controls. Working with your team, we design a layout that fits with your customer footprint and operations plan. We want to create a layout that optimizes your bottom line, maximizes efficiency and that functions seamlessly in your business.

A technician tests a rooftop HVAC unit for maintenance


Once we have the perfect layout for your business, we move to the installation process. We supply a variety of the top, award winning HVAC Systems on the market and even dispose of your existing equipment at your request.

A commercial HVAC unit on a rooftop

Maintenance and Support

Once your HVAC system has been designed and installed, it will need ongoing maintenance. Our service technicians have the knowledge and tools to fix any repair or issue that may inconvenience your business. For any emergencies, we provide Emergency Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Offsite Temperature Monitoring

In order to make sure that your refrigeration unit is working in the most efficient way possible, we can install equipment that digitally monitors your system from our home office. Our technology monitors the temperature of your system along with other parameters that lead to peak performance. When your system begins to falter in any way, an alert is sent to us so that we can quickly fix the issue and keep your inventory fresh. We provide a login in to all of our customers as well if you want real time data on how your refrigeration system is performing.

What HVAC Products Do We Install?

Package Units

Package units are unique, all-in-one systems that supply both cooling and heating equipment in one “package.” These units sit on the ground or rooftop outside of your business.


  • Safer from damage like floating debris and vandalism
  • Easy access for maintenance technicians
  • Powerful enough to heat and cool very large spaces
  • Save space on your indoor floor plan

Split Systems

A split system is an air-conditioning or heat pump system that uses refrigerant as the heat exchange fluid and has an evaporator, compressor, and condenser as separate components. In most modern commercial applications, the compressor and condenser are combined into a single piece of equipment called a condensing unit.


  • Easy Installation Process
  • High Energy Efficiency due to lack of duct system
  • More Secure
  • Less Noisy than other Systems

What HVAC Brands Do We Install?

Focus on What Matters

A well-maintained system is a happy and long-lasting system. You’re focused on customer service and running a successful company. You don’t have time to think about small things like changing air filters or other variables that can turn into big problems. We get it. That’s why our one stop service can take care of maintaining your equipment and lessening the likelihood of it failing unexpectedly.

HVAC ventilation array

Changing Air Filters

Air conditioner filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance in order for the unit to function effectively and efficiently. Neglecting your air filters ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance and steadily increases your energy usage. With our regular service, you can count on a proper functioning unit that will work properly, efficiently and keep your energy costs down.

Cleaning Coils

It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it. We are glad to! Keeping the evaporator and condenser coils of an air conditioning system clean and free of foreign materials can do more to maintain operating efficiency and increase equipment life than any other preventive maintenance procedure. Regularly scheduled coil cleaning will help keep your equipment running better and longer.

So Much More

Every business has different needs. Let Central Florida Store Services custom build a service plan for you that checks every box. Don’t waste your time hunting down vendors for various tasks. We can handle all your needs with one simple phone call.