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The convergence of real time analytics, digital sensor technology and embedded systems gave birth to the Internet of Things (IoT) Era. It’s an era that allows consumers to control their ac systems while on vacation and talk to electronic assistants to turn the lights down in their home. The vast majority of IoT technology is meant to make our lives better and more efficient. Efficiency is convenient, but advances in IoT technology has been revolutionary to a business’ bottom line- enter Central Florida Store Service’s Off-Site Temperature Monitoring System.

“We have been able to cut our response time down from 6 or more hours down to 45 minutes in some cases.”

What is Temperature Monitoring?

Temperature monitoring technology utilizes a web enabled device to view real-time sensor data to manage the temperature of refrigeration and HVAC systems. If the temperature of these systems are too cold or too hot, it can spoil product and cost businesses revenue. Off-site temperature monitoring allows a third party to monitor temperature fluctuations and dispatch a technician immediately to fix the problem.

“I was in the walk-in refrigerator of one of my clients looking at all of the produce that they were storing. I thought, ‘If this refrigerator breaks down, my client is going to lose a lot of money’. I wanted to develop a solution that could reduce this risk. We developed and implemented a propriety temperature monitoring system over a year ago and it has worked wonders for our clients.”

Brian Horine, President

How Does Our Temperature Monitoring System Work?

When you utilize the Central Florida Store Services’ temperature monitoring technology for a restaurant, a sensor is placed in their refrigerator. That sensor connects to the internet and allows our monitoring system to keep track of temperature levels in real time. If levels stray out of the approved range, our system, using artificial intelligence, automatically notifies a technician, instantly develops a work order and dispatches the technician to repair the problem.

The data that is stored can be accessed through a client portal in real-time by clients, giving them more peace of mind that their product is being managed. The portal also allows clients to manage work orders, look at service history and manage their overall account with Central Florida Store Services

“Our platform is fully automated and has been a huge asset in monitoring the health of our clients’ refrigeration systems. Instead of waiting up to 12 hours to find out that their refrigeration system has broken, they can be notified in minutes.”

Why Do Businesses Need Temperature Monitoring?

Image of cost efficiencyRestaurants and grocery stores hold a significant amount of inventory in their refrigeration units. This produce needs to stay a specific temperature so that it doesn’t spoil. Spoiled product means significant financial loses for the business- sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars.

If a refrigerator breaks down overnight, it may take up to 8 hours for someone to know that it was broken. By then, all of that food has gone to waste. Temperature monitoring alerts the client and Central Florida Store Service technicians immediately reducing risk of spoilage.

Businesses also have to worry about minor food spoilage. Serving food that hasn’t been kept at the correct temperature can cause customers to get sick, opening up the door for lawsuits. With temperature monitoring software, businesses can rest assured that they are consistently serving safe and healthy food to their customers.

A Scalable System

The off-site temperature monitoring system is both scalable and adaptable. There are already new ideas being discussed to make the platform even more robust. The next evolution will look to monitor hot bar food temperatures at buffet style restaurants and grocery stores reducing store liability of a sick customer.

Take Advantage of Off-Site Temperature Monitoring

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things has allowed creative problem solvers to develop unique and customized solutions. The team at Central Florida Store Services have taken advantage of modern technology to make business easier for their clients. Whether you want holistic store services or you just want your refrigeration system monitored, Central Florida Store Services will provide you with a high quality experience with elite customer service.

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