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office park with beautiful green grass and healthy trees due to quality commercial landscaping

Aesthetics are an important part of business. Dead trees, brown grass and wasp nests surrounding your property can be a major turn-off to your customers. That’s why so many businesses invest in commercial landscaping companies in order to keep their storefront looking pristine. Water is a major part of that investment and, if improperly managed, could negatively impact your bottom line.

Using the 3R Initiative for Commercial Water Management

When it comes to managing commercial landscaping water bill, there are many variables to consider. Depending on the irrigation system, layout of your property, types of plants and local watering laws, your water management strategy could be very different.

Due to the unique nature of each property, the best choice is to utilize a professional facility maintenance company. However, there is an overarching strategy that you can employ to get you started. The United Nations launched the 3R initiative aimed at limiting consumption and wasteful practices associated with many of our resources including water consumption.

1. Reduce

Utilize Mulch on Your Landscape

Mulching is the process of covering your grass with natural or artificial material. Mulching can help reduce water waste in several ways. The layer of mulch serves as insulation for the soil and keeps the soil cool. This prevents plant roots from having to work too hard to find water. A mulched area will need watering less regularly than a non-mulched area because the mulch absorbs and retains moisture.

Carry Out an Irrigation Audit

Most commercial and industrial landscaping contractors have a state-certified water quality audit. The process involves testing for dissolved oxygen, bacteria levels, and fine particulates using an automatic analyzer.

An irrigation audit will also ensure you are following all water safety and treatment protocols. More importantly to your bottom line, your irrigation equipment is reviewed to identify any broken heads or leaks in the waterline. The resulting audit should provide you with an overview of how efficient your water usage is and if you are utilizing more water than necessary for your property’s needs.

Integrate Water-Efficient Plants Throughout Your Landscape

Naturally, plant species will have variance in watering needs based on their optimal habitat. Try to identify plants that require less water to survive and thrive. Some drought-tolerant plants that are used for commercial landscaping include:

  • Agave
  • Beach Sunflower
  • Golden Aster
  • Lantana
  • Rosemary
  • Silver Saw Palmetto
  • Tropical Milkweed
  • Trumpet Honeysuckle
  • Vinca

Utilize Remote Monitoring for Water Usage

Businesses are integrating smart technology in their operations more every day. If you truly want to reduce your water usage and identify problems within your irrigation system, try utilizing remote monitoring technology like Florida based company ObservantIQ. It’s surprisingly affordable and can be a major asset to your business. Some features and benefits include:

  • Monitor water pressure
  • Check daily usage of water per “zone”
  • Get alerts when there is a leak or any abnormalities in usage
  • View information in real-time from anywhere

2. Reuse

Install Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to bring water to your landscaping from the outdoors. Harvesting rain water utilizes water that would otherwise end up sitting on your property’s surface or running off into streams and rivers. You can install a rainwater harvesting system on top of any commercial property using aqueducts and rainwater collection systems.

3. Recycle

Invest in a Water Recycling System

If you have a large property to manage or simply a great deal of plants to maintain, you may want to invest in a water recycling system. Water is often wasted on these types of larger commercial properties, leading to high water bills. Recycling used water will greatly reduce your water costs, however, there is also another benefit- marketing.

Additionally, being more environmentally responsible as a business can appeal to a large audience. According to Forbes, 92% of consumers say they are more likely to trust businesses that are environmentally conscious.

Choose a Commercial Landscaping Expert

The facility maintenance experts at Central Florida Store Services (CFLSS) live to save you money and optimize your facility and its operations. From general contracting services to commercial landscaping and even critical systems monitoring, the CFLSS team can handle any aspect of your facility while still focusing on customer service.

Save Me Money on My Water Bill!

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