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people in white hazmat suits with blue canister on their back with electrostatic disinfectant in it

For every facility manager, constant disinfection has become the new normal. Whether it’s a healthcare facility or a grocery store, it is paramount that surfaces be cleaned regularly to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Typically, this means that facility maintenance departments are spending more time cleaning and more money on cleaning products. For those of you in search of a more efficient cleaning solution, the Environmental Protection Agency just promoted electrostatic disinfectant as one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

What is Electrostatic Disinfectant?

Electrostatic disinfection is a process that uses a specialized sprayer to negatively charge a disinfectant solution, making it easier for the solution to stick to and coat surfaces. Utilizing an air compressor, electrostatic applicator, and spray hose, facility personnel can easily coat any surface with disinfectant, including harder to reach areas on wheelchairs, inside of keyboards and complex equipment.

Many industries that require higher levels of cleanliness such as hospitals and research facilities have been using electrostatic disinfectant spray for years. The negatively charged solution makes it easier to coat surfaces completely allowing for a simpler, more effective clean.

Electrostatic disinfectant can reduce the time it takes to disinfect all surfaces by roughly 50% compared to traditional cleaning methods.

a woman in an office using electrostatic sprayer to clean work areas

The Science behind the Spray

In most cases, surfaces have neutral polarity. An electrostatic applicator at the tip of the nozzle, negatively charges the disinfectant solution as it exits the sprayer. Naturally, the negative charge is attracted to a different polarity and binds to the neutral surface, creating a uniquely aggressive seal between the surface and the sanitizing solution.

So, with most surfaces being neutral, a different polarity than the negative charge, the solution naturally sticks to those surfaces and completely coats it. The automotive industry has been using a similar method to paint vehicles because of how well the paint sticks to the exterior car surface.

What are the Benefits?

Electrostatic disinfectants are clearly a great solution to battling microscopic pathogens and other harmful bacteria; however, there are unique benefits of cleaning with this type of sanitization method.:

  • By using an air compressor and sprayer, there is a reduced risk of accidentally re-contaminating a surface by touching it after it’s been cleaned. Electrostatic disinfectant is a completely touchless process
  • Reduces the chance that someone gets sick in your facility, reducing liability
  • It can reduce the time it takes to disinfect all surfaces by roughly 50% compared to traditional cleaning methods
  • The solution is more efficiently applied reducing overuse of cleaning products and the health dangers associated with that overuse
  • Makes it easier to clean hard to reach or complex surfaces allowing for a more complete clean

Want to Start Using Electrostatic Disinfectant Today?

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