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Large industrial refrigeration warehouse with forklifts and LED lights.

Business owners around the globe spend over $33 billion on commercial refrigeration equipment annually. If your business uses large-scale refrigeration equipment, making sure systems are running effectively at all times should be a major priority. Check out these energy-saving tips to help reduce your commercial and industrial refrigeration costs.

Consider Using Remote Monitoring Solutions

As the owner of a commercial refrigeration business, you know how difficult it can be to manage every aspect of your operation. Since you can’t be in your place of business 24/7, you need to find a way to keep an eye on things. When it comes to discovering problems with your industrial refrigeration equipment early on, you can’t underestimate the benefits of remote monitoring.

The remote monitoring solutions offered by companies like ObservantIQ utilize the accuracy and convenience of sensors to provide real-time data from your commercial refrigeration equipment. Being able to monitor the internal temperature of a commercial freezer provides you with the opportunity to discover and address problems immediately.

Commercial refrigeration units will consume more energy if they aren’t kept in top condition. If your commercial refrigeration equipment is in need of repair or is struggling to maintain the right internal temperature, the extra strain is likely adding extra expense to your monthly budget. Remote monitoring services help operations managers and maintenance teams stay ahead of major repairs and can help identify ways to improve your commercial or industrial refrigeration systems.

Make a Habit of Cleaning Your Equipment

One lean, green energy-saving tip is to simply keep your system clean! Allowing dirt and dust to build up can be disastrous to your commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment. As time goes by, commercial refrigerators and freezers will have to be cleaned to keep them running efficiently. If dirt or dust is allowed to clog up your coils, your unit will cost more in energy expenditures and will also need a commercial refrigeration repair sooner than its routine maintenance life cycle.

Most commercial refrigeration experts recommend cleaning your condenser coil once a month, but preventative maintenance depends on your system. If you are not comfortable with cleaning your commercial or industrial refrigeration units, reach out to the experienced professionals at Central Florida Store Services.

Grocery store manager leaning down into a commercial refrigeration display case full of red meat.

Inspect Door Seals Routinely

Allowing cold air in your industrial cooling system to escape can ramp up energy consumption rates substantially. The doors your equipment are outfitted with contain heavy-duty rubber seals. These seals are designed to keep the cool air inside of your equipment.

However, normal wear and tear on your refrigeration systems come at a cost. When these seals are damaged or loosened over time, cool air will escape – causing your system to work harder to keep temperatures low.

Operations managers should take the time to inspect door seals weekly. Seals that appear bent or warped should be replaced immediately. Seals with buildup should be cleaned or replaced.

Invest in High-Quality Strip Curtains

If you are a restaurant owner, grocery store attendant, or pharmacy manager at a cool storage facility, you know that cold air escapes from your commercial fridges and freezers every time a door is opened. In some cases, commercial fridges are opened multiple times a day to access products or stock. Another energy-saving tip is to use heavy-duty strip curtains in your heavily trafficked commercial or industrial refrigeration systems.

These strip curtains are generally made from a low temp PVC that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. With the addition of these curtains, you can reduce the amount of cold air that escapes from your equipment. Before investing in these specially designed curtains, take measurements of your system to make sure you choose the right size. If you are unsure what type of strip curtains to choose or how to install them, reach out to facility maintenance professionals that can help!

Generate Less Heat With LED Lighting

The average commercial fridge/freezer is equipped with lights to make moving around inside of the room easy and safe. If the lights in your commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment are equipped with anything other than LED lights, your bulbs may be costing you.

LED light bulbs are energy savers! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. LED light bulbs also generate less heat, which helps your industrial refrigeration system work at maximum efficiency.

Put These Tips To Use!

By following these energy-saving tips, you can reduce the cost of operating your commercial refrigeration business.  If you are interested in learning about how to save on commercial and industrial refrigeration costs, give Central Florida Services a call. We have been providing facility maintenance solutions for some of the top businesses in all of Florida and will do whatever it takes to ensure your facility is operating in top-notch condition.

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