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A woman cleaning an office desk with a towel.

Workplaces are ideal locations for people to meet and share ideas and information, compare strategies, and work hard to get the job done. How can commercial cleaning services help your business? Here’s a look at the benefits they bring that can allow you to maximize your productivity and performance when you sign up for professional janitorial services.

1. Enhanced Professional Image

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This can be true for your clients and employees, alike. Keeping your office space clean and orderly can enhance your professional image, allowing your company to stand out.

A clean office and workspace will show your employees that you care about them. This also makes a welcoming impression on customers visiting your location in person. A clean interior can allow you to maximize your branding as an organized leader in your industry.

2. Higher Quality Cleaning

Cleaning your own worksite is possible if you run a small business. However, hiring professional cleaning services can bring your office to the highest standards. Commercial cleaners will attend to mopping your floors, wiping windows, taking out all garbage, cleaning kitchen and washroom areas, and more.

Commercial cleaning services can also help you look after your rugs and common areas. By investing in a company to clean for you, you free up your staff to focus on providing your customers with the best experience possible in your industry. No one has to stay after hours to tidy up or risk leaving the cleaning to the last minute or skipping it, entirely. With commercial cleaning, you know the job is done well every time.

3. Advanced Cleaning Technology

Many household cleaning products work well at disinfecting surfaces and removing grime. A commercial cleaning business that specializes in cleaning, however, has stronger cleaning products and technology available for use at your location. This helps to ensure your workspace isn’t just clean but properly disinfected. In the age of COVID-19, this can be invaluable to you and your team in many ways.

You can get access to deep cleaning and disinfection services that make your environment safer for everyone to use. Antimicrobial solutions and antibacterial sprays and liquids help to return safe cleanliness to every surface in your workspace, often. Scheduling regular cleaning can give you peace of mind that cleaning is being attended to in the right way. 

4. Increased Storage Space

It’s easy to have unnecessary items like empty boxes pile up in your office. Having your space regularly cleaned by professionals can help you stay organized and keep the clutter at bay. This is important not only for your own sanity and clear-thinking but also for employee safety.

A cleaning service can help you ensure garbage and recycling gets out the door in time and is removed appropriately. This can help assure your walkways and work areas stay free from tripping and fire hazards, to allow you to work more efficiently and effectively.

5. Healthier, Happier Employees

When you hire commercial cleaning services, there’s no doubt your employees will notice. Maintaining a clean office environment shows you care about their well-being and the appearance of your brand. With clean floors, desks, storage areas, walls, windows, and communal spaces, you send a message.

By keeping things clean consistently, you set an example and inspire productivity. Employees who come to work in an environment that’s well kept are more likely to keep it that way over the long term. This shows respect and inspires people to invest their time and work in the business in the same way.

6. Longer-term Cost Savings

A clean workplace might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cost savings and your business. Having a clean work area, however, can drastically reduce the number of sick days your employees need to take. With a clean environment that’s free from diseases and germs, your employees can stay healthy.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), employers in the US lose $225.8 billion each year due to worker injury and illness. This is a high cost! The small investment you make by hiring a commercial cleaning service can pay off in greater long-term productivity.

7. Time-Saving

You and your employees have many responsibilities to tend to each day. Asking someone to also clean the bathroom each day takes time away from their schedule. Reserve work presence for traditional employee duties and save time. 

8. Longer-Lasting Equipment

It’s easy to imagine how a bicycle that’s kept free from dirt will last longer and stay rust-free. The same is true with your own workplace equipment. By keeping your workspace free from extra dust and grime, you help extend the life of your electronics, tools, and machines.

Every small effort adds up over the long term and can reduce your need to have something repaired. A cleaning service can help reduce the circulation of debris and contaminants so you can focus on what matters most.

9. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers who visit a dirty office could be more likely to complain or bargain for a cheaper deal. A disinfected, clean location can translate into happier customers who may be more likely to recommend your business to others in the future. Dirty floors and messy counters send a bad message.

Keeping things clean helps to instill confidence in your customers and assure them you’re truly providing the best service possible. This can encourage them to return, resulting in increased sales and profitability.

10. Better protection against theft

Finally, by hiring a comprehensive commercial cleaning company to service your business, your business gets access to better protection against theft. Hiring a fly-by-night cleaning company could potentially bring just about anyone into your establishment.

You don’t want to risk office theft such as the loss of personal items, computer equipment, products, and money. A commercial cleaning company conducts background checks and respects your value as a customer, helping to ensure the services you use are reliable and trustworthy, keeping your space safe in the off-hours.

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