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Facility maintenance seems like a simple undertaking. Keep the store clean. Repair any damages. Simple, right? While facility maintenance seems simple, it’s also incredibly meticulous, time-consuming and, if you don’t have the right expertise or technology, expensive too.

Facility maintenance companies handle a myriad of responsibilities from security to keeping your infrastructure sound and even the health of your employees. Here are some of the primary reasons why hiring a facilities maintenance company is a smart move.

More Focus on Bottom Line

In order to stay ahead of your competition, you need to innovate, manage your capital efficiently and focus on the parts of the business that significantly drive revenue. While keeping a clean, strong facility plays an important role in your success, its role is one that could be easily outsourced so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your core business operation.

Expertise You Can Count On

Believe it or not, there is a lot of information and experience required to fully maintain a facility. Access to the latest technology, a full understanding of how to use equipment safely and effectively and a complete understanding of all laws regarding your facility upkeep are just a few items that add value to your business.

Employee and customer safety is one of the business’ most important liabilities. A facilities maintenance company can keep your store in compliance with all safety regulations to keep your business protected from unexpected issues that occur.

While Central Florida Store Services is experienced in facility maintenance, we are also general contractors. We can clean, fix or build just about anything that your business requires to stay competitive.

It Saves Money

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It may sound like a simple mission to take care of your facility in-house, but you may be forgetting the money and time costs associated with hiring staff, training them regularly and purchasing the right equipment and materials to maintain a pristine environment. Hiring a facility maintenance company doesn’t require paying salaries, providing benefits or any other costs associated with developing a full department of employees.

While some problems seem like there is no answer, it is most likely something that a facilities maintenance company has seen before. Without a dedicated company at your side, you may have to spend extra money to hire experts to come in to look at your facility. Facility experts can expedite the solution and fix it faster than hiring an outside company at extra cost to you.

Improve Health

If your employees get sick, you will have trouble servicing your customers. If your customers get sick, you no longer have a business. A facility maintenance company understands exactly what to do to keep your environment sanitary.

It’s easy to overlook dust, but as it builds on your blinds, shelves and other store fixtures, it may become harmful to those with respiratory ailments. It doesn’t take a lot of time for bacteria and mold to reproduce around your facility. Facility maintenance experts know exactly where to look and how to eradicate the variables that may cause those inside your facility to get sick.

Central Florida Store Services Does More than Maintenance

While we are experienced in facility maintenance, we are also general contractors. We can clean, fix or build just about anything that your business requires to stay competitive. We have experience in every facet of the construction industry and we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Your business deserves the best. So hire the best.

For nearly 20 years, Central Florida Store Services has been providing general contracting, mechanical contracting, HVAC and refrigeration services for the Florida market. They have delivered over 16,000 service calls to this day and have developed a strong reputation for service quality and customer service. Its business model is designed to be a one-stop shop for all facility needs, creating more time and maximum value to its clients.

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